The Joy and Healing of Writing by Yol SwanLately, I have been focusing my energy and attention on creative writing more than jewelry making. My life has taken quite a turn, with my 13-year marriage reaching an end a couple months ago, and writing has proven to be one of the most gratifying and therapeutic things I’ve ever done (excluding meditation).

I had previously written about what I thought the purpose of making jewelry was (aside from the obvious creative outlet it provides) on my post Why Am I a Jewelry Designer? Just as life had been pounding and shaping me through many trials over the last few years, I was actually expressing that in my jewelry making. You know, as within, so without.

Now the Universe seems to be orchestrating a new phase in my life, with jewelry making slowing down considerably, and the drive and need to write proportionately increasing. Aside from my Spiritual Poetry & Other Self-Reflections blog, which I invite you to visit and follow, I am focusing on a self-help book I have been working on (on and off) for a few months now.

Interestingly enough (just in case you don’t believe in synchronicity), the book is about the self-healing tools I have learned over 27 years, which have helped me to face my life’s obstacles and pain, to grow both emotionally and spiritually. Now they are been put to the test through my current circumstances, and have proven—once again— to be amazingly effective. I just love when life gives me the opportunity to see how much I have grown by challenging me with events I have to overcome! I certainly am, now more than ever, ready to share what I have been gifted with, to help others grow and find more inner peace, including my abilities as an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Life & Business Coach. To check what I am up to, visit:

Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, Life & Business Coach

Happy Holidays!

Paragon SC2 KilnIf you are in or near the Asheville, NC, area and would like to explore the wonderful world of metal clay, stain glass, or enameling, this is your chance! I have to dismantle my studio and sell this great kiln, which has been used just a few times and is perfectly clean and working like a charm. I love it, but have to let it go…

Most metal clay artists start with this kiln, as it is so easy to program and you just plug it into your outlet. I am adding a few metal clay tools for you to get started, including tongs, carving tools, and a few texture stamps and cutters. You get a great deal for an almost new kiln!View my listing on Craigstlist at: http://asheville.craigslist.org/art/2480539152.html.

UPDATE: I am leaving this post here, but I am happy to say that the kiln has found a new home! Someone else is going to have much fun with it now. Yay!

The Paragon SC2 Programmable kiln is perfect for both wax burnout and metal clay use. This popular oven can also be used for enameling, stain glass and ceramic glazing. The efficient ceramic fiber chamber is contained in a steel inner case, allowing for the circulation of air between the inner case and the vented steel outer case. This keeps the outer case cool during use, protecting the electrical components beneath the chamber and most importantly, keeps energy costs down.

Chamber dimensions are 8″ wide by 7-3/4″ deep by 5-3/4″ high. The SC-2 fires automatically at the rate and temperature you enter. A large, easy to see display prompts for firing rate, temperature and hold time. The controller is easy to use, and you can create and store up to 4 programs on it. Detailed instructions are included for the kiln and the controller.

The Paragon SC2 Programmable Kiln Features:

• On/off safety switch

• Built-in base; no extra stand needed

• Door opens 180 degrees for easy loading

• Top vent complete with tapered plug for lost wax casting • Includes a 1/4″ thick ceramic fiber shelf

• Built in multi-stage programmer (see details below)

• Chamber dimensions-8″ W x 7-3/4″ D x 5-3/4″ H

• Cabinet dimensions-13-1/4″ W x 14″D x 15-1/2″ H

• 120V/60H-draws 12 Amps

Blue Ganesha T-Shirt design from Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs

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Peace, Fine Silver Pendant by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga DesignsI was finally able to take some pictures of my new silver jewelry designs I am bringing to the Marshall Handmade Market, which is happening this Saturday, November 20th, from 10 to 5, at the Marshal High Studios in Blannahasset (Blannerhasset?) Island, NC. This is a place I had never been to before. I went today to start setting up and was very inspired by all the studios there. The building is an old school that was renovated for this purpose, and the place is just beautiful. It is nested in the mountains and to get there you drive along the French Broad River. It feels so peaceful and full of energy!

Many Blessings, Silver Pendant by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga DesignsAs I got into downtown Marshal I saw a sign that said something like, ”Marshall: the jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains.“ I couldn’t agree more. The town is so quaint and gorgeous! There are cozy little cafés, galleries, beautiful architecture (such as the building that holds the Court House), and friendly people everywhere you go. Anyway, I hope you can make it tomorrow to the Arts & Crafts Show. There will be good music, good food, and about 30 artists selling their handmade creations.

My personal life seems to be going through some big changes right now, and I find myself spending more time writing than making jewelry. Perhaps it is also that winter is approaching and I tend to become more of a hermit than usual. In any case, I have some new designs for my last show of the year, in Marshall, NC, and I will post them as soon as I get to photograph them (or at least some). Stay tuned!

Wisdom Fox by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga DesignsI will be setting up shop with my handmade jewelry designs this Saturday, November 6th, from 10 to 8, and Sunday, November 7th, from 12 to 6, inside the Biltmore Mall in Asheville, NC, to support a fund raising event for the Fire Department. I know there will be a raffle, but I am not sure what else will be happening, other than many artists showing their creations for you to purchase. So if you happen to be in town, stop by and support the cause!


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